Involve your entire dental staff in providing better patient care and enhance your case acceptance!


In part one, we began to dive into case acceptance and how it’s vital to the clinic’s success that everyone — staff and dentist alike — all take ownership and learn how to improve their patient’s case acceptance. This not only involves your staff being well versed and educated on each procedure you provide to speak intelligently about it if asked, but it also entails building a strong patient rapport. 


How else can you improve case acceptance? Learn additional considerations today!


What is one way to improve case acceptance? Working with an outsourced dental billing team so you can spend more time with your patients! If you’re a dental practice wanting to know more about creating better case acceptance outcomes, tune in to today’s post!

Case Acceptance: Building Better Outcomes Through Service


Many times we think case acceptance weighs heavily on the dentist alone. In the past, a dental procedure was recommended and most likely the patient would oblige. However, this has shifted somewhat and patients are taking time to think through proposed treatments, and sometimes even refuse treatments outright. 


This is where refining your strategies for case presentation and evolving how you approach your services will increase your case acceptance. 


Enhance the treatment presentation. 


When it comes to costly dental procedures, patients don’t want to feel like they’re being sold on something, they want to know how it’s going to improve their quality of life, so it’s all in the way you approach the presentation of the treatment. 


The presentation is really the time to give your patient your undivided attention and walk through the procedure and how it will benefit them. While it’s not always realistic that you can always be there doing it, someone will be. This relates back to our point in our first post — 4 Steps To Improving Your Case Acceptance (Part One) — that it’s vital to your case acceptance success that every staff member can speak to the dental procedures you perform. 


The case presentation is the defining moment, so it’s crucial to really have the presentation well-planned out. Presenting before and after pictures and even creating a script is not a bad idea!


However you can, make the patient experience better, work on doing that!    

Connect with your team.


We can’t stress team building in your practice enough — it’s what connects you and makes your practice thrive. And, when you all can commit to working with each other and as a team and dealing with any conflicts that come up, it makes you a stronger unit and patients see this. 


Make the follow-up easy.


Whether you personally offer to schedule the appointment or you send a follow-up email or text, not only is this convenient for your patient but you’re making it more personalized. The sooner you can book an appointment and the less of a gap of time there is between your last contact, the more likely it is for the patient to accept and schedule the treatment. 


Explain the concern with a procedure postponement.


Dental health has evolved and became much better because most people see the benefits of seeing the dentist twice a year. But sometimes they may not think they really need a dental procedure and will hold off on treatment. If you have a patient where this is the case, it’s crucial that you are honest with them and explain what could happen should they forego the dental procedure. 


Many times, patients don’t realize the gravity of the procedure and they appreciate the honest feedback, making it more likely that they will proceed with the dental service.  


Case acceptance is a practice that your entire dental clinic should be participating in. From being educated and able to present treatment options to making it easier for the patient to schedule and understand why they need the service. 


So, how can an outsourced dental billing company support an improved case acceptance?


At EZ Dental Billing, we get right down to business, roll our sleeves up, and begin tackling your dental billing cases! This then gives you the much needed time and energy to improve your case acceptance — you have more time to train employees and foster team building, in addition to presenting treatment plans and connecting with patients. 


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