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Streamline Your Dental Practice With Practice Boost 360

Establishing a successful dental practice takes work, but it doesn’t have to be a struggle. Take off the many hats you wear for your business, and delegate administrative tasks to EZ Dental Billing.

Not only do you have a dedicated team who knows the complexities of the insurance companies, but you get a program — Practice Boost 360 — that offers you even more solutions!

Growing your business will feel good — forget the stress and anxieties of always feeling like it’s an uphill battle. Learn more about our revolutionary program, Practice Boost 360.

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Goals of Practice Boost 360

This innovative program has three simple, but crucial goals:

Increase Revenue

Simplify Administrative Operations

Boost Profitability

Partner with EZ Dental Billing to facilitate a dental practice that both improves your profitability while increasing your efficiency!

Usher Ease & Peace of Mind With Practice Boost 360

EZ Dental Billing understands that running a successful dental practice can be challenging and time-consuming. And with you in mind, EZ Dental Billing has created a program designed to increase revenue, streamline your operations, and increase profitability.

This program is called Practice Boost 360!

Practice Boost 360 is a comprehensive program that allows you to quickly identify areas to increase the revenue of your practice without major monetary investments.

The idea behind this is to use your current staff and ensure that their efforts and energy are refocused on activities that will boost the daily production rate by 10%.

After this plan has been fully executed, we will review the P&L and use years of corporate management experience to find areas that can be adjusted further to put you in a position of reaping the benefits from increased profitability.

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Practice Boost 360 Infographic

Practice Boost 360 Background

For more than 10 years, EZ Dental Billing has been providing dental offices all over the country with billing solutions to help our clients keep track of receivables and remain efficient and boost growth.

We are proud to be able to offer 50 years worth of combined experience in both accounts receivable and practice management. We offer the best solutions against everyday challenges that owners battle trying to operate a successful dental practice.

We have designed a special program that will allow you to boost the potential of your practice and take it to new heights

Insurance Fee Schedule Renegotiation

In order for your practice to become the most profitable it can be, it is important to have up-to-date insurance fee schedules.

Because these fee schedules should be renegotiated every 18 months, it can quickly become a lengthy and complicated process that many practices tend to neglect or ignore due to a lack of time or a lack of understanding.

EZ Dental Billing has enormous experience in negotiating fee schedules and can help your practice increase your current insurance fee schedule to up to 10%, which can ultimately increase your revenue from $50,000 to $500,000 extra per year.

Medical Billing for Dentists

Did you know that dentists are considered physicians of the mouth? With that in mind, there are several procedures that can be covered by medical insurance providers if they are properly billed.

Most dentists stay away from this lucrative practice because of fear of not getting paid by the medical insurance companies or for fear of committing any insurance legal violations.

EZ Dental Billing has been billing medical insurance providers for many years and can help your practice become more profitable by training your staff and doctors on how to navigate this complicated process.

We can set up for success and ensure that your staff isn’t only trained, but also well-versed to handle future claims. We’ll even help you to set up all of the necessary pre-authorizations and claims submissions to ensure that you get started on the right foot.

Special Pricing: Practice Boost 360 starts at $1,650 per month.

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