Dental Insurance Verification 

Dental insurance verification is the first step to ensuring a profitable practice. Because most practice revenue depends on at least 50 percent of insurance collections, making sure the insurance information on record is correct, is incredibly important. Incorrect insurance verifications can affect office collections, which leads to high account receivables, an increase in outstanding claims of incorrect treatment plans, and unsatisfied patients.

Streamline your dental practice with our premier dental insurance verification!

EZ Dental Billing offers the best insurance verification services at the most affordable rate on the market. All our plans offer unlimited verification with options for you to customize how you want your verification done. We can also offer a stand-alone insurance verification service. 

About Our Dental Insurance Verification Plans

Standard Verification

Better organize your dental practice through our standard verification plan which includes:

  • Plan frequencies
  • History
  • Benefit maximums

This plan is ideal for those who need a basic type of insurance verification of benefits, specifically people and family members that share an insurance plan and/or the complete breakdown on record within the last six months with an existing patient that has confirmed benefits.

Extensive Verification

Receive specific dental insurance coverage details that includes:

  • Code specific coverage
  • Additional support that goes beyond the standard plan

Complete Verification

The Complete Verification Plan provides the ultimate dental insurance support that broadens the other two plans and allows for code customization. In addition, you’ll also receive:

  • Dental insurance verifications within a 24-hour window of the appointment are considered same-day
  • Dental insurance verification at $8.50/verification

Depending on your practice’s volume — small, medium, large, large+, and enterprise — each plan comes with two options that you can choose from, including:

  • Do-It-Yourself Data Entry
  • Done-For-You Data Entry

Learn more about our plans and their specific details below including prices and what category your office fits within.

For more information about our dental insurance verification plans, connect with us today!