Align payment posting with your practice management from EZ Dental Billing today!

Payment posting is vital to the revenue cycle — not only does it affect patient experience, but it can have adverse financial implications if handled incorrectly. 

Accuracy is the foundation in payment posting, and while it’s easy to concentrate on other areas of practice management, managing payment postings catches billing errors and provides you the opportunity to amend them promptly.

Why address payment posting?

Because the revenue cycle is comprised of many moving parts and many insurance claims are being processed on any given day, payment posting is the first to identify any issues and it’s also the place that can help you increase your revenue. 

Advantages of Payment Posting

Payment posting can compare the explanation of benefits (EOB) to the actual payment received, identifying any errors on the bill or in payment.

Payment posting provides detailed line items showing any denials for any non-covered dental services prior to authorization. Not only does this highlight the services but it helps to avoid any errors in the billing cycle.

Payment posting can also support your denial management and help decrease them through tracking payer denials and submitting them on a consistent weekly basis. The reason it’s important to track denials is to ensure that the same claim is not denied for the same reason in the future.

In supporting payment posting, you’re supporting practice management and the flow of the revenue cycle.

Get guidance in payment posting with a dental billing company that monitors for in addition to the other important billing practices.