Insurance Account Receivables

Primary Services

In our insurance account receivables services, our primary goal is to assist your office in collecting all insurance claims that are owed to your office within 20 days of submission — all made possible through our amazing system that properly matches procedure codes with required supporting documentation. This ultimately allows for fewer rejected claims and a quicker turnaround. The other major priority is to make sure your offices never have receivables older than 90 days.

Patient Billing Services

This service focuses on making sure that patients receive statements in a synchronized matter. In this service, our team will process statements every day, and the patients receive 30-day statements, 60-day statements, and 90-day statements. They also receive a soft-collection letter and a hard-collection letter.

Claim Submission

All dental insurance claims are batched together and submitted daily. Our submission process is done electronically and then carefully reviewed to ensure that the claim will not be denied over clerical errors. All claims are submitted with the necessary attachments including x-rays, pictures, and narratives. If your office is not currently equipped to handle electronic claims, we will assist you with this process.

Payments Posting

Your insurance specialists team posts insurance payments daily. This process is extremely fast and easy. The payments are posted accurately within 24 hours after the explanation of benefits (EOB) is scanned by your office. Your account manager will send a detailed report with all payments posted for the day 3 hours before your office closes to ensure a smooth end-of-day balancing.

If your office is not currently receiving your payments VIA electronic funds transfer, an EZ Dental Billing account manager will assist you in setting that up so you receive your insurance reimbursement faster.

Denied Claims Appeal

All denied claims are researched and appealed daily. We have a team of highly experienced dental consultants whose attention to detail ensures that we collect as quickly as possible any and all outstanding balances that are rightfully owed to you.

Insurance Aging Report

Getting your office back on track with your outstanding insurance collections and maintaining steady cash flow is one of our priorities. For that reason, we work on all of your outstanding insurance claims daily, and we also ensure that we are not allowing any collectible claims to expired without appealing.

We make every effort to maintain your office’s management information of claims collection by submitting a daily report with the number of claims worked on and collected. We also input notes in the patient ledgers to record the office’s efforts to collect.

Interactive Reporting

EZ Dental Billing provides the best reporting that you can ask for. With our interactive reporting, you will be able to use your unique account login to view where your practice collections stand. This is available for all clients, and it is designed to make your office collection progress effortless!

Dental Insurance Verification

Our team of dental billing specialists will verify all of the patient’s dental information that is scheduled for the next day.
This process is of the utmost importance as it assures the patient’s insurance is active and protects your practice against any ongoing dental insurance changes, as it is commonly missed by front office staff.

We have three types of insurance verification plans:

Basic plan (included)

Verification plus

Verification absolute

Insurance Fee Schedule Renegotiation

In order for your practice to become the most profitable it can be, it is important to have up to date insurance fee schedules. Because these fee schedules should be renegotiate every 18 months, it can quickly become a lengthy and complicated process that many practices tend to neglect or ignore due to a lack of time or a lack of understanding. EZ Dental Billing has enormous experience in negotiating fee schedules and can help your practice increase your current insurance fee schedule to up to 10%, which can ultimately increase your revenue from $50,000 to $500,000 extra per year.

Medical Billing for Dentists

Did you know that dentists are considered physicians of the mouth? With that in mind, there are several procedures that can be covered by medical insurance providers if they are properly billed. Most dentists stay away from this lucrative practice because of fear of not getting paid by the medical insurance companies or for fear of committing any insurance legal violations. EZ Dental Billing has been billing medical insurance providers for many years and can help your practice become more profitable by training your staff and doctors on how to navigate this complicated process. We can set up for success and ensure that your staff isn’t only trained, but also well-versed to handle future claims. We’ll even help you to set up all of the necessary software, pre-authorizations, and claims submissions to ensure that you get started on the right foot.

Dental Insurance Service Fees

The fees for this insurance accounts receivables service “as described in the above bullet points” are variable depending on what is collected from insurance. The following payment schedule applies for all offices:

One Provider Practice


If the office insurance collections are under $40,000 month.


Two Provider Practice


If the office insurance collections are between $40,000 and $100,000.



3% / Month

If the office insurance collections are between $100,000 and $150,000.


Large Group Practice


If the office insurance collections are over $150,000