Dental practices are a bustling place, and much of the time, the staff feels burdened as they navigate insurance. EZ Dental Billing can help you sort through denied claims to secure the growth and financial health of your dental practice. 

Behind Denied Dental Claims

Denied dental claims carry a large burden for both patients and dentists — a potential denied claim might mean the patient is unable to afford the service after the procedure has been done, leaving your practice unpaid. 

Dental insurance verification is one way to prevent denied dental claims as it verifies a patient’s eligibility, coverage, and active coverage before any procedures are performed by your office. 

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EZ Dental Billing provides support every step of the way and can help identify and mitigate future denied claims. 

Where Your Denied Dental Claims Surface

It’s important to understand where and why you’re receiving a denied dental claim, so let’s explore some of the common reasons behind them.

Incomplete Information

Many dental claims are denied because of insufficient information. Each dental procedure varied in terms of needs to be included — some require dental narratives that provide detailed explanations of why the procedures were performed and the medical necessity behind them. 

Limited Dental Coverage

Dental insurance plans have exclusions, limitations, and frequencies in what procedures can be performed, so it’s vital to confirm with a patient’s insurance to determine what is available to the patient on the plan they’re on. 

Unmet Deadlines

Insurance has a deadline on when claims can be filed, so any that are filed outside of this timeframe will be denied. It’s vital to file a dental claim once the procedure is completed. 

Outdated Insurance

If a patient’s benefits were updated or terminated, the claim may be denied because the coverage has changed. This is just another example of why dental insurance verification is crucial to your practice. 

It’s time to mitigate denied dental claims and get support with denied claims appeal! Connect with EZ Dental Billing today.