Case acceptance is vital to your dental practice, yet it’s an area that most dentists would like to improve! Learn how your dental team can boost case acceptance!

Case acceptance is ensuring that the dental procedure you’re doing works — it’s the outcome you and your patients are looking for, and it’s also a factor in the industry that separates good dentists from great. So, how do you go about improving case acceptance through your dental staff?

At EZ Dental Billing, we’re here to elevate your dental practice, leaving you more time and energy to improve case acceptance while we take care of the laborious dental billing, insurance verification, and other practice management areas. Join us today as we explore how your staff can help improve your case acceptance. 

The Emotional Facet Of Case Acceptance

As a dentist, you are quite literally changing lives — you are giving patients new confidence with new and improved smiles, you’re helping people speak and chew better, and you’re restoring health, so the first thing to consider with case acceptance is your patient. Whether they need veneers or dental implants, they don’t want to be sold on why they need it and showed video after video or brochure on the benefits of the dental procedure.   

To enhance case acceptance you need to help them realize how the procedure will improve their quality of life — what it will do for them. Give them examples of patients who have sat and cried after a procedure because it impacted them more than they could have ever imagined — speak to their emotions. 

When you can bring in the emotionality of what you do and why you do it, you’ll quickly watch case acceptance improve because they’re invested in the outcome as well. 

Case acceptance, however, isn’t a burden for just the dentist to carry; it involves the whole team. Let’s explore below how the entire dental practice can impact case acceptance to help expand and increase the business’s profits. 

Being Educated In Every Practice Procedure

Whether it’s the dental hygienist or the front office manager, every team member should be able to speak confidently about each dental service you offer. Many times in regular conversation with patients, a procedure will come up — they may have questions or want to know more about it, and it’s on everyone who works there to be able to speak intelligently about it. And, they should get the same information from everyone they talk to!

When the entire team can explain a procedure, the patient automatically has better trust in the practice and knows that all the team members are on the same page with clear and effective communication.   

To achieve this clinic fluidity, it’s vital to get everyone on board with the services you provide through education and work through frequently asked questions. 

Building Patient Rapport

When dental clinics are tied up in all of the practice management duties such as dental billing, insurance verification, and working through denied claims, your patients suffer. Your time is stretched thin and focus that should be placed on your patients is delegated elsewhere! 

When patients don’t feel like they’re being taken care of or that you’re invested in them, case acceptance will plummet. But, when you make it a point to build rapport with your patients — every team member included — they become more loyal and willing to accept a recommended treatment. 

It’s invaluable for every team member to be able to speak to every in-office procedure, in addition to building patient rapport. When the patient can trust that all staff members are knowledgeable no matter who they talk with and feel seen and taken care of, they’re more likely to stay as a patient and accept treatment. 

There is still more to explore about improving case acceptance, so stay tuned for part two!

In the meantime, learn more about our dental billing services that will help improve your clinic’s case acceptance!