1. The Advantages Of Medical Billing In Your Dental Practice

    Does your dental practice utilize medical billing for dental procedures? When it comes to billing, your practice can implement both dental billing and medical billing depending on the procedure.  At the end of the day, standard dental work will be billed to dental insurance companies, while more in-depth procedures including biopsies, botox injections, dental implants, and bone grafts can be bill…Read More

  2. The Importance Of Insurance Verification For Your Dental Practice

    Build a positive rapport with patients and a trusted reputation with proper insurance verification practices!   Insurance verification makes a large impact on your patients, and, if it falls through the cracks, it can mean the difference of a patient having to pay for a service out of pocket, or not.    Insurance verification is a huge deal to dental practices — it makes and breaks patient re…Read More

  3. Dental Practice Management: Security And Dental Billing

    Keep your patient’s information protected and your dental practice thriving! As information — especially sensitive information — is being handled in new spaces apart from the traditional paper files and is now being processed primarily electronically, the safety and security of patient records is a foundation in good practice management. And while this is true of health records and specific …Read More

  4. 4 Steps To Improving Your Case Acceptance (Part Two)

    Involve your entire dental staff in providing better patient care and enhance your case acceptance!   In part one, we began to dive into case acceptance and how it’s vital to the clinic’s success that everyone — staff and dentist alike — all take ownership and learn how to improve their patient’s case acceptance. This not only involves your staff being well versed and educated on each p…Read More

  5. 4 Steps To Improving Your Case Acceptance (Part One)

    Case acceptance is vital to your dental practice, yet it’s an area that most dentists would like to improve! Learn how your dental team can boost case acceptance! Case acceptance is ensuring that the dental procedure you’re doing works — it’s the outcome you and your patients are looking for, and it’s also a factor in the industry that separates good dentists from great. So, how do you g…Read More

  6. How To Amend A Dental Claim Submission Denials

    Learn how to fix the mistakes made on a dental claim submission! If you and your staff are working on filling out and submitting dental claims on your own, not only are you investing a great deal of time and effort but you’re also shifting the focus of providing quality patient care into the logistics of practice management.  This is an extremely tough place to be in because submitting dental c…Read More

  7. The 4 Most Common Dental Billing Errors

    Avoid dental billing errors and improve your dental practice today! A part of accepting dental insurance is submitting dental claims, and while they are very time-intensive, it is enraging when one is denied because not all the i’s were dotted or t’s were crossed. You likely just spent a good amount of time filling it out, only to have to do it again — the opposite of maximizing the producti…Read More

  8. Why Every Dental Practice Should Have Patient Billing Services!

    Why Every Dental Practice Should Have Patient Billing Services! Because your time is precious and a resource that you can’t get more of! Patient billing is an art form — it saunters the edge of being challenging and demanding while being hands-down one of the most vital parts of the business side of your dental practice. And, if you’re a small practice beginning to gain legs and grow, or eve…Read More