Build a positive rapport with patients and a trusted reputation with proper insurance verification practices!


Insurance verification makes a large impact on your patients, and, if it falls through the cracks, it can mean the difference of a patient having to pay for a service out of pocket, or not. 


Insurance verification is a huge deal to dental practices — it makes and breaks patient retention and can place a dark cloud over your clinic that is hard to recover from. This is why it is imperative to learn and hone proper insurance verification — to build a strong foundation and a dental practice that patients can depend on. 


At EZ Dental Billing, we provide dental insurance verification plans that are effective and ensure accurate reporting that lets both you and your patients know whether or not they are covered. Learn more about the need for dental insurance verification in today’s post. 

Why is dental insurance verification needed?


Insurance verification in your dental practice is needed because it better determines the patient’s eligibility for the impending dental service. Insurance verification is just another step in your daily claim submissions and filings that should be processed every day.


It is important to always know if a patient is covered before the time of service, otherwise, they will have to pay for the bill in full, even if they have insurance.


Dental practices can get into trouble if they perform a service that is not covered — you’ll now have to explain to the patient what happened and let them know that they’ll have to now foot the bill. 


This does not look good on the dentist or the dental clinic.  


And, there is likely a reason behind the mistake. Perhaps you thought the patient had a different insurance provider that you know covers the procedure or maybe you even confused the patient — these mistakes happen when the weight of practice management and working on patients gets too heavy. Something slips through the cracks. 


When a procedure isn’t covered and a patient has to pay for a costly dental procedure, this fractures the relationship and can affect potential patients. 


So, why not consider outsourcing your dental insurance verification?


If you’re deep in the trenches of growing a business and trying to keep your head above water, you need help.  

When you outsource insurance verification, a company will be doing this for you, saving you a great deal of time. 


Since they’re also experienced in all the facets of dental billing — dental insurance verification included — they can also ensure bills are properly coded, reducing claims denials. This way, between correct and efficient insurance verification, dental claims can then be submitted more quickly (and correctly) resulting in you getting paid on time — there’s just something about doing it right the first time! 


When you implement proper dental insurance verification practice in your clinic, claims are processed in a timely and finalized manner — there are no guesses or mistakes on whether or not a patient is covered. 


At EZ Dental Billing, we save you time in our dental insurance verification process so you can meet the goals of your clinic and watch your business thrive.  


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