Does your dental practice utilize medical billing for dental procedures?

When it comes to billing, your practice can implement both dental billing and medical billing depending on the procedure. 

At the end of the day, standard dental work will be billed to dental insurance companies, while more in-depth procedures including biopsies, botox injections, dental implants, and bone grafts can be billed through medical insurance. But why does this matter for your dental practice?

There are many advantages as to why your dental practice should be using medical billing for dental procedures. Learn more about these benefits in today’s post. 

Why Aren’t Dental Practices Using Medical Billing For Dental Procedures?

Let’s face it — billing of any kind places a strain on the day-to-day operations of your practice. It’s the administrative work that requires a great deal of your focus and energy, and not just any employee can be tasked with this part of your business.  

The devil is in the details — especially when it comes to billing — and overlooked things can mean claim denial, which affects your monthly revenue. 

And then there is medical billing for dental procedures which is a whole other beast — there are even more details and codes that you have to stay up-to-date on. 

Who has the time? Most dental practices prefer not to do the billing, but at some point, it has to get done! This is where EZ Dental Billing can help! Forget having to know the ins and outs of medical billing, and instead use us as a resource to outsource your medical billing for dental procedures. 

When you partner with us, you get a dedicated team of medical billing experts that can submit accurate claims and prevent any claim denial issues. 

Now that you have the resource of medical billing experts for dental procedures, learn more about the benefits of using this type of billing in your dental practice.  

Medical Billing For Dental Procedures Infogr

Billing IconEnhance Your Revenue

If you have your sights on a thriving dental practice that’s bringing in good revenue, medical billing for dental procedures may be the perfect addition. 

It’s a known fact that many people don’t go to the dentist because of the cost, even with insurance, yet most patients — and even some dentists — don’t realize that they’re able to offset costs by using medical insurance for some dental procedures. 

As a dentist, you can increase your bottom line by tapping into medical coverage that your patients likely already have. 

Dental Claim Submission IconProvide Your Patients With An Alternative

Most dental insurance only covers standard procedures such as cleaning and fillings, yet patients take on a large cost if it comes to anything outside that scope, including root canals and crowns. 

When you use medical insurance, not only is there typically not an annual maximum (unlike dental insurance), but they generally provide more coverage on intensive procedures. 

Not only does offering medical billing in your dental practice help you stay competitive by offering a service most dental offices don’t, but you can also help your patients save thousands of dollars. 

Dental Billing Solutions IconDiversify Your Scope Practice

When you choose to incorporate medical billing for dental procedures, you diversify your scope of practice and attract more patients. When you provide an alternative way for patients to pay for their treatments, you place your practice at an advantage. 

In no time, an organic referral system will begin to develop amongst your current patients that draw in new ones, and this makes it difficult for other dental practices to compete. 

Staff IconImprove Dental Health In Patients

When patients have the opportunity to pay for their dental procedures in a variety of ways, it improves their overall dental health because they’re getting the treatments they need. 

You Decide To Implement Medical Billing In Your Practice, Now What?

If you’re ready to take the leap and begin using medical billing for dental procedures in your office, EZ Dental Billing offers a comprehensive collection of plans that fit the needs and budget of your dental practice. 

Get started with EZ Dental Billing for medical billing assistance for dental procedures and enhance your revenue, provide patients with an alternative, diversify your scope of practice, and improve the overall dental health of patients!

Get started today!