Avoid dental billing errors and improve your dental practice today!

A part of accepting dental insurance is submitting dental claims, and while they are very time-intensive, it is enraging when one is denied because not all the i’s were dotted or t’s were crossed. You likely just spent a good amount of time filling it out, only to have to do it again — the opposite of maximizing the productivity of your practice! 

If denied dental insurance claims frustrate you and are taking a toll on your practice management, EZ Dental Billing is here to help! Learn more about common dental billing errors in today’s post!

Is your dental practice making these four dental billing errors?

Improper dental billing errors not only affect your bottom line, but they can also create a headache for your customers if they’re incorrectly billed and pay for services they didn’t actually get. 

It’s estimated that roughly 30% to 70% of dental bills have some form of error, and this is a lot to manage when you’re a bustling dental practice. Not only are you coding them once, but you’re also coding them twice to correct the mistake that was made the first time around! 

If you’re ready to finally be liberated from dental billing errors and further improve your practice management, dive into what some of the most common dental billing errors are and how to avoid them below!

Missing Dental Billing Information

Unfortunately, this happens a lot — the case of missing information! It seems like a no-brainer, but if you’re filling out billing sheet after billing sheet on all of your patients, needless to say, you’re human and you’re going to forget something. 

Or, you may fill in patient information that’s incorrect. This can be how their name is spelled, how their date of birth appears, or an incorrect address — this will typically result in a claim denial because the information doesn’t align with the patient’s record. 

Dental Coding Errors

Billing codes can also result in a claim’s denial because the wrong service was submitted with the diagnosis or there is just not enough information available. 


This is similar to the error of missing information. If there are any inaccuracies such as the wrong social security number, it will be rejected and sent back because of the error. 

Bundling Errors

There are some procedures that can be bundled together that result in a more cost-efficient option for the patient, so if you unbundle services that can be bundled, the reasoning must be clarified or the dental claim may be denied. 

Avoid dental billing errors and claim submission denials with help from us!

Dental billing errors are not only frustrating, but they can really take a toll on your practice management — you and your staff members are spending precious time and energy billing and then rebilling, fixing mistakes from the initial dental claim submission.  

When you’re spending a majority of your attention and focus on the logistics of dental billing and claim submissions, you’re missing time with your patients — the heartbeat of your dental practice! Reclaim your time with the leading dental account receivables company! 

When you use our claim submission services, we move everything over electronically (if you haven’t already done so) and review each claim to ensure they will not be denied because of clerical issues. From there, all dental claims are submitted with all of the correct attachments including pictures, diagnoses, and x-rays. 

If your dental office is not currently using an electronic claims program, we’re happy to help transition you to this process.  

With our guidance, you’ll have fewer rejected claims and a quicker turnaround time which means not only do you get your time back, but you’ll likely be paid sooner as well.   

For more information on our accounts receivable services, reach out today!