Learn how to fix the mistakes made on a dental claim submission!

If you and your staff are working on filling out and submitting dental claims on your own, not only are you investing a great deal of time and effort but you’re also shifting the focus of providing quality patient care into the logistics of practice management. 

This is an extremely tough place to be in because submitting dental claims is something you have to do — there is no workaround — so oftentimes this is done before or after hours, which probably means you’re burning the candle at both ends. 

At EZ Dental Billing, we’re here to provide refuge from your dental accounts receivable. If you’re still in the throes, take a moment and learn about a few ways you can amend denied dental insurance claims. 

Ending And Resolving Dental Claim Errors

Fixing Procedure Code Errors    

When it comes to procedure code errors, a vital question to ask yourself is, do I have the most current form of the CDT manual?  Because different versions are published regularly, you’ll want to ensure that yours is up-to-date to avoid missing any changes. 

It’s important to point out that HIPAA has instructed to use the CDT coding from the date of service, no matter when the claim was submitted. For example, if the service is provided on December 31, 2019, and submitted that day or even in 2020, the CDT code you should use in the 2019 version. 

The next thing that commonly needs to be fixed is an inappropriate code for the dental service provided. To amend this issue, it’s important to use the nomenclature and descriptor as printed in the CDT manual you’re using. 

If your dental claim is denied and returned because you made a claim for an extensive oral exam or an unspecified restorative procedure (beyond the scope of regular or traditional treatments), it’s likely because no narrative description was included. It’s vital to always include this description or risk the possibility of it being sent back. 

So, what does a good narrative look like?

Clear and concise with a description of the following:

  • The clinical condition of the oral cavity
  • The procedure that was performed
  • Any new technology that was used and how it benefitted the procedure
  • Any required information from a participating provider

When it comes to creating and submitting dental claims, the first course of action is always prevention, which means taking your time and addressing any coding questions you may have, and ensure your dental team has a quality check set up where it is reviewed by at least one other person before it is submitted. 

And while denied claims typically do have errors, it is important to ensure that what has been reviewed is actually correct. If the code error is incorrect, correct it and resubmit it. If there is no actual coding error, an appeal can be filed.   

Electronic Dental Claims Submissions

Currently, as many as 74% of dental practices are using a form of a HIPAA-compliant standard electronic dental claim management system, so if you haven’t switched over, there are a wide variety of benefits.  

If you’re looking to streamline your dental practice, invest more time into your patients, and increase your ROI year after year, working with a dental accounts receivable company is essential. 

When you partner with us, we vastly minimize the errors that are found on dental claims so less time is spent amending errors and the efficiency of your practice is greatly improved. 

We’re the refuge in dental billing submissions!

We understand that your number one goal is serving your patients and increasing the number of patients you see in a day for a thriving, bustling dental office, and you can’t do this while still managing the dental claims — this can lead to high staff turnover rates and employees who feel stretched thin and overburdened.  

The solution lies with EZ Dental Billing! We take care of portions of the practice management piece to improve your ROI and the efficiency of the office. But, you won’t get lost in what’s actually happening with your business —  we provide you with real-time reporting and your team of four insurance specialists is just a phone call away to answer any questions.

We are your first line of defense when it comes to accounts receivable as we’re your go-to resource in th following:

  • Patient billing services
  • Claim submission
  • Payment posting
  • Denied claims appeal
  • Insurance aging reports
  • Dental insurance verification
  • Insurance fee scheduling
  • Interactive reporting 

And, we have an affordable option for all types of dental practices including one provider, two providers, group provider, and large group provider dental practices.  

So, if you’re ready to free up time and energy and put more of it into your patients and growing your dental clinic, find ease with EZ Dental Billing. 

For more information on the dental billing service we provide, connect with us today.