Dental practices are confronted with the challenges of continual changes in insurance carriers, dental codes, and reimbursement rates, and dental practice owners need to find solutions that provide high-quality dental claims management while helping them reduce overhead costs. A complete dental billing service from EZ Dental Billing is the ideal solution for dental practices that want to focus on their patients rather than spend time on billing.

In today’s blog post, we’re sharing four reasons why you’re spending too much time on dental billing — and how you can improve your practice with EZ Dental Billing.

Unpredictable Cash Flow

Unpredictable Cash Flow

Claims are submitted based on dental procedures that are performed in the dental office. Sometimes claims are denied, further delaying revenue. Unpaid dental claims can hold cash flow hostage for several months leaving dental practices to incur additional expenses beyond payroll and rent. The ability to provide predictable cash flow is vital, and EZ Dental Billing can help you spend less time worrying about claims and more time on your practice.

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Stress and Frustration

If you’re spending too much time on dental billing, it’s probably because you’re not satisfied with their dental claims management company or billing service. It becomes an endless cycle when dental practice owners must continually monitor and question the dental biller’s work in order to ensure accurate claims submission. Workplace stress can affect dental professionals’ personal lives even more than dental work. By outsourcing dental billing to EZ Dental Billing, dental practice owners can focus on their dental business and not be concerned with the status of unpaid claims.

Incurred Additional Costs Due To Poor Claims Management

Incurred Additional Costs Due To Poor Claims Management

Practice expenses continue to rise, and dental practices can’t afford to incur additional expenses due to poor dental claims management. Instead of spending time and money on additional costs created by poor billing services and claims management, you can invest your money back into your practice, such as:

  • Dental supplies
  • Utilities, phone, internet, computers
  • Rent and staff payroll

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Time Wasted Navigating Billing Codes

Billing codes are extremely complex and confusing, and it’s vital to have an expert like EZ Dental Billing provide dental billing solutions so that you don’t waste time navigating codes to ensure that your claims are accurate. EZ Dental Billing dental billing experts stay up-to-date with dental billing regulations and codes. They can answer your questions accurately to ensure dental claims are processed so you don’t lose money. It’s one less thing in business you have to worry about, giving you time to focus on other pressing matters within your dental practice.

Improve Your Dental Practice With EZ Dental Billing

At EZ Dental Billing, our dental billing service reduces dental stress and increases dental practice revenue by providing:

  • Straightforward and uncomplicated billing management software
  • Remote billing solutions to support your staff
  • Effective dental billing solutions
  • Streamlined daily claim submissions and fewer denied insurance claims
  • And more

Contact us today to get started.