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Having your own dental practice can be a rewarding experience. But, the more patients you take on, the more time you have to spend sorting out the proper insurance forms and codes to get paid for your work. Outsourcing your dental billing services with EZ Dental Billing can get you back to what matters most — helping your patients keep smiling! With our state-of-the-art medical billing software, we can help!

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Enjoy an Approach That’s Straightforward

If you are a successful dentist, odds are, you’ve spent countless hours trying to configure valid dental codes to get paid successfully. After all, the major insurance companies don’t make it easy! With EZ Dental Billing services, you can count on regular payments and real-time reporting that is straightforward and reliable. We take away the complexities of dealing with major insurance companies so you can give your patients total attention. Our medical billing software can help your practice achieve improved profitability today.

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Billing Is Handled Remotely

When you partner with EZ Dental Billing, your practice can count on a team of five specialists handling your dental billing service. Your team is comprised of four insurance specialists and a strong account manager, and they are available anytime you need to talk to them. Your team will take care of all billing services for your practice offsite, removing the need for the proper filing and storage on-site, giving you one less thing to worry about. From addressing aging claims to appealing denied claims, our team is here to help!

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A Dental Billing Process That’s Effective

With over ten years of experience in helping practices streamline their billing process, we’ve seen it all. Because of that experience, we provide complete dental billing solutions that can help drive client satisfaction and steadily grow profits. When you outsource your dental billing to EZ Dental Billing, you partner with our industry-leading services and software. With our current success rate, it’s a combination that can’t be beaten.

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Your Wellbeing Is Our Top Priority

EZ Dental Billing understands how stressful the dental billing process can be. After all, you got into the dental industry to help patients, not to fill out forms and navigate websites. Investing in our dental billing services enables you to focus on staff and your clients, so you can create an environment that your team and patients want to be part of. Lose the stress created by practice management and explore what we can do for your dental practice today.

If you’re ready to explore a different way of dental billing, contact EZ Dental Billing today! We are America’s number one choice for dental billing services and medical billing software. We would love to show you how our processes and procedures can simplify your billing methods for good. Explore our many features and services today!

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