In your quest to provide high-quality dental services to your local community, there are undoubtedly several hats members of your staff wear — including you. As a dental practice owner or manager, you most likely have your hands in every different aspect of business: ensuring smooth day-to-day operations, ensuring patients satisfaction, and managing patient billing. Traditional means of collecting payment for your services is no longer the standard, and EZ Dental Billing can help transform your business’ finances. Our dental billing software is developed by professionals with 50 years’ worth of combined experience, and can make your life easier in a  number of ways. Discover how our dental billing help can assist your billing department and get in touch with our team today!

How Traditional Dental Billing Works

Traditional dental billing can occur in two primary ways: a patient’s insurance provider pays for services; or a patient pays out-of-pocket. After a patient walks out of your dental office and back into the reception area, he or she schedules another follow-up appointment and produces payment for your dental services. Through traditional dental billing software, a staff member will double-check a patient’s insurance provider for correct information or take payment and record that the appointment was paid for out-of-pocket. In theory, your dental billing software will then verify a patient’s insurance and refer to the provider for payment, as well as properly notify a patient’s credit card company. However, as our  EZ Dental Billing staff will detail below, it’s possible for these processes to not go as smoothly as they’re expected to, meaning a little dental billing help is needed.

Common Issues With Traditional Dental Billing

If your dental office does not have existing dental billing software, then it’s important to note that all the processes outlined above must be done manually; this creates a number of potential problems, including:

  • Inaccurate information being recorded
  • Patient bills or information being lost or misplaced
  • Your dental practice suffering financially due to unsettled patient expenses 
  • Strained relationships between your dental practice and insurance companies

Additionally, issues can occur if your practice is using a flawed or outdated type of dental billing software. It’s possible for data to not be recorded properly, or to experience significant errors; perhaps the insurance provider or credit card company is never properly notified of any charges and is never billed. Several of the problems mentioned above can occur if traditional dental billing methods are employed in your office, which take up a significant amount of your staff’s time. For over ten years, EZ Dental Billing has helped clients across the United States prevent these unfortunate circumstances by providing high-quality, intuitive dental billing help; learn more about our process below!

How EZ Dental Billing Simplifies The Process

No matter if your dental practice is utilizing manual billing or a poor, outdated form of software, EZ Dental Billing simplifies the entire process. Our dental billing software — priced competitively for your benefit —  provides concrete solutions for streamlining day-to-day operations. EZ Dental Billing’s well-developed software allows you to accurately and efficiently collect payments that are owed, understand from a large-scale perspective how your business is running, and save a significant amount of time. Outsourcing your patient billing with us takes a substantial managerial aspect of your business off the table, allowing you to focus entirely on providing high-quality care and building relationships with patients. Seeking dental billing help ensures your patients can get back to their days after leaving your doors, and that you receive the proper payment for your services.

How EZ Dental Billing Makes Your Life Easier

By preventing small, everyday errors from piling up and becoming larger issues, EZ Dental Billing is your starting point to a more organized dental practice. Ensuring correct patient information, transparent billing, and timely notifications allows every staff member to be on the exact same page. Instead of worrying about taking care of each individual patient’s bills, EZ Dental Billing allows your staff to operate essentially hands-free, allowing them to focus more on scheduling future appointments and creating a welcoming environment. 

Discover how EZ Dental Billing’s streamlined approach can help your dental practice function more effectively! Browse our FAQs to learn more about how our dental billing help works and contact us to get started!