Family gathering for holidays

It’s November! Which means the holiday season is fastly approaching.

Thanksgiving is the beginning of the season in which we express our gratitude for the blessings we have received, no matter the religion we follow. While we make and share our plans for the holidays, it is no lie that everyone will be in a rush for buying gifts, being with our families, as well as rushing to have our health on point to avoid unwanted interruptions in our celebrations. But what does it mean to the management of dental practices? This translates to both patients and dental office staff piling up work, so we wanted to help with proper planning with some simple tips.

Recently, we shared a post on our Instagram with a few tips on how to prepare your office for the Thanksgiving season. Now, in this article, we hope to further elaborate on these tips, as well as add new ones to make sure your office has a headstart way before the holidays.


As mentioned in the Instagram post, a season full of patients in a rush is approaching. A lot of people are speeding up their errands and running to shop for groceries and gifts for their loved ones, which also means that they are rushing to set up appointments to be healthy for the season. By mid-November, we usually have most of our preparations done so that we can now focus on you, and our clients, and we believe it is essential for every office to be a good planner. 

It is going to be the busiest time of the year for patients, doctors, and even for us. So that’s why we are looking forward to planning ahead and starting to schedule all meetings we need to succeed in the following weeks before 2023. Thus, it is good to find a way to schedule patients’ appointments upfront to avoid scrambling your schedule.

We also think having a waitlist is a good idea: many patients may look out for you for last-minute appointments, so having a waitlist will allow you to better allocate your time according to the urgency and your availability. Setting up your walk-in hours with your front desk will do good for you. For the sake of making the most out of your free time without unpredictable interruptions, it is worth setting up what times you will accept walk-ins and what times are no-nos.


In addition to preparing your schedule, it is also important to showcase how much you care about your patients and associates. None of us work by ourselves, we have the help of many stakeholders that we depend on and who depend on us as well.

Try to find manners to showcase your gratitude: it can be postcards, a grateful video, a social media post, or anything! While social media works as a marketing tool, you can feel free to share your gratitude the way that fits you the most, because what matters are the good intentions.

Finally, Thanksgiving and Christmas are perfect times to reach out to people we care about, sharing what we have learned in 2022 and devoting some of our time to helping the communities. It is because of you that we at EZ Dental do what we do, and we want to keep on helping you achieve your goals and make patients smile.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of you and a merry start to the holiday season!