Choosing EZ Dental Billing For Dental Insurance Verification

Among the wide variety of tools and resources EZ Dental Billing provides, dental insurance verification is not one you’ll want to leave out. 

1. Recover On Collections

Don’t let the money you’re owed slip through the cracks by requiring additional payments because your dental office only estimated the coverage of a procedure or copay — this only upsets patients and they’re less likely to pay a bill they feel wronged or betrayed on.

2. Reduce Your Accounts Receivable

When a patient’s insurance is verified and updated, it means you can provide accurate treatment plans and a more accurate cost of what they’ll owe. This prevents overdue balances, happier patients, and lowers your accounts receivable. 

3. Improve Patient Experience 

When you create a system for dental insurance verification in your dental practice, there are fewer surprises to patients, thus greater peace of mind. It’s no secret that when you have happy patients, your dental office grows and is more profitable — bills are paid on time, late or no-show appointments are reduced, and patient referrals surge. With the help of dental insurance verification from EZ Dental Billing, you can eliminate the tough conversation of telling your patient they owe more on a dental procedure than what they were quoted.

Embrace a thriving dental practice while eliminating patient dissatisfaction, collection concerns, and high accounts receivable with simple and affordable dental insurance verification services from EZ Dental Billing.